history project
Updated: 3/12/2020
history project

Storyboard Text

  • It's the time of the dust bowl, The wind is 100 mph destroying most things in its way with families trapped in their home
  • Its okay everything will be okay!
  • A little girl has breathed some of the dust feeling scared but the parents try to calm her down and not let dust in. When suddenly a fairy appeared
  • ill cover the window honey
  • A beautiful fairy came to help everyone being affected by the dust bowl but the husband is very cynical 
  • don't get near my family!
  • No No!! i am here to take you somewhere safe!
  • The fairy is trying to convince them to go to another planet where they will be safe from all harm possible and they do go to save their child from the dust.
  • say we trust you, where are you taking us?... Okay we'll go to safe Emma
  • Out of this world, where everything will be better and you start a new life!
  • 30 mins later....In space
  • They traveled in a big cloud that took them out of earth to somewhere never seen before. Them fearing the worst.
  • dad i'm scared :(
  • I know honey ! were almost there
  • just hold on baby!
  • we are almost there don't worry!!
  • In Jupiter...
  • Thank you much for this
  • They arrived to Jupiter, everything was so pretty and way ahead of its time. There was a lot of people now walking the streets and exploring well dress and healthy. Not long everyone forgot about the dust bowl
  • Look it looks so prettyy!!
  • Everyone is adopting quick here and nothing will ever harm you and never miss a meal