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Updated: 12/19/2019
Unknown Story
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  • The plague that is said to be caused by the murder of king Laius affects the people of Thebes. Oedipus wants to find the murderer.
  • We must find the murderer and punish him!
  • Find and bring him to me now!
  • Oedipus tries to figure out who the murderer of king Laius is. He even accuses Creon by asking several questions related to the killing.
  • Me? I have nothing to do with it! We were busy solving the Sphinx's riddle instead of this.
  • You, Creon, might be associated with the murder of king Laius! Why aren't you on this case already?
  • Tiresias enters the scene and Oedipus tries to get answers from the blind seer.
  • Ah yes, a person that can answer all of my questions. A person that can reveal the murderer.
  • Tiresias does not answer Oedipus's questions nor reveal the murderer. Oedipus's respect towards him quickly disappears as he gets frustrated by Tiresias's inability to cooperate. He even accuses Tiresias of murdering Laius.
  • What?! Do you play a part in the murder? If you had eyes, I would say you did it!
  • Now tell me, who is the murderer of king Laius?
  • No. I refuse to reveal who it is because the truth will be troubling to both you and I.
  • Oedipus gets angry and insults Tiresias. They get into an argument which leads to Tiresias finally revealing the murderer, who is the one and only Oedipus.
  • Confess now old man! I say you are betraying this city.
  • Fine! I say you are the murderer of king Laius.
  • Oedipus is surprised that Tiresias accuses him of murdering king Laius. He refuses to believe Tiresias's words, which makes him more blind than the blind man.
  • You dare say that I'm the murderer? You are truly nothing other than a blind man!
  • I may be blind, but you are blind from the truth.
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