Unknown Story

Updated: 10/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • *Harold whispers to himself*I'm scared I might get attacked from William Duke of Normandy or Harald Hardradda
  • The worry.
  • You have now been crowned king Harold Godwinson
  • Harald Hardradda attacks.
  • The Journey.
  • In 1066 the English king Edward the confessor died. He had no children to follow him but chose Harold Godwinson as the new king when he died. There was one young relative, a boy called Edgar but most important and wise men wanted Harold to be King of England.
  • Harold Godwinson originally thought the attack was coming from the south coast of England, but he turned out to be wrong.
  • Harold Godwinson marched 180 miles north, they collected houscarls on the way. They rested at Tadcaster.