Maybury vs Madison
Updated: 1/13/2021
Maybury vs Madison

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  • Maybury vs. Madison(1803)
  • After Jefferson had won Madison had chosen to send a commission, but Jefferson had refused which anger one man. This man was Maybury, he was angered and wanted to be a judge so he took it to the supreme court.
  • I'm taking this to court, to the Supreme Court
  • After going to court the supreme court did agree with Maybury that he should get his commission, but they had to follow the constitution and only certain cases can start at the supreme court which this case wasn't one of them. SO therefore the Court could not help Maybury get his commission.
  • im sorry, but we cant help you
  • I should have got this commission!! I deserved it!!!
  • This was important down in history because it was one of the first times the Supreme Court had put down a case because of the Constitution and its laws. It was also important because the Supreme Court has the power of Judicial Review. They can check the acts of the President and Congress declare them unconstitutional.
  • Wow I can't believe the supreme court turned that down.
  • I know right, we probably made history or something
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