Phaethon Storyboard
Updated: 10/8/2018
Phaethon Storyboard
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  • Exposition & Conflict
  • That was a good race.
  • You think you are so good! I am son of Zeus
  • Rising action
  • I am son of apollo and I get to ride the sun chariot whenever I feel like it.
  • Prove it then
  • Rising action
  • I need to ride the sun chariot by myself
  • What did you come here for
  • After racing at the edge of a cliff, Epaphus feels mad and upset after losing to Phaethon, he starts to say that he is faster than him. They then say they are sons of gods.
  • Climax
  • WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Phaethon says he can ride the sun chariot by himself after Epaphus says he has his own lightning bolt and gets to use it. Epaphus doesn't believe him so he wants phaethon to prove it.
  • Falling action
  • Phaethon starts his journey to the sun temple. He doesn't eat or drink anything for days then eventually passes out. Apollo get informed that his son is trying to see him and sends birds to pick him up. Phaethon finally meets his father and asks him for a favor. Apollo agrees to do whatever it is. So Phaethon asks to ride the sun chariot all by him self.
  • Resolution
  • Who is that in the chariot? He is causing a destruction!
  • Pheathon decides to make sure Epaphus knows it is him driving the sun chariot and goes down to earth. His pride overcomes him and he tries to show off.
  • Phaethon goes to close to earth and burns the earth. Then he starts to go to far away from earth. And he starts to freeze everything. That just keeps happening over and over again. And the people that survive are very confused about what is happening.
  • Zues sees what is happening to the earth so he throws a lightning bolt at the sun chariot and hits the driver. Phaethon is struck dead and it was all because of his selfishness.
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