Updated: 3/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Mr. Black carries the huge box that has Mr. Tyrone in it. The slave owners were now looking for Mr. Black and Tyrone. Along the way, he was stopped a lot of times by security guards. It was a long trip to Connecticut. There were lots of scary moments, but they did not get caught by the slave owners.
  • Mr. Tyrone and Mr. Black made it safely to the city. Tyrone and Mr. Black were impressed when they got there. They had escaped slavery. In the North, slavery was not allowed. Now they needed to go back to help their friends in the South, like Mr. Andrew.
  • There were some friendly white men in the South who wanted to help the slaves out of slavery. Since Tyrone made it safely to the North, Mr. Andrew Box was ready to go. A friendly white man helped Andrew into a box and out of slavery. Soon, Andrew would be safely with his friends in Connecticut.This is how many people escaped slavery.