Sincere 1
Updated: 3/13/2020
Sincere 1

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  • A long time ago in a cotton field in South Carolina there lived many slaves. Andrew was a black man who worked hard. He had many friends in the town.He also had many enemies,such as Mr.white a slaves was a men that was a friend who worked as a mail carrier.
  • Andrew Box wants to get away from the slaveholder, Mr. White. He is not allowed to leave the south because of the rules about slavery. He thinks of an idea that might work that would include his friend, Mr. Black. But, Andrew thought they should try out the plan first.
  • Mr. Black comes over to create a plan with Andrew Box. They decide to send another friend, Mr. Tyrone Goodguy ahead to see if the plan would work. The plan was to escape slavery through a box in the mail. Soon Mr. Tyrone was on his way to Connecticut.