Button button captioned illustration

Updated: 3/26/2021
Button button captioned illustration

Storyboard Text

  • Norma and Arthur receive a mysterious box addressed to their home address in which contains a mysterious button. They then get a call from a mysterious man named Mr. Stewards explaining that if they pushed the button, it would kill someone they didn't know and would receive 50,000$.
  • After discussing the situation with Arthur, Norma decides that her husband was right, it's a bunch of nonsense. Norma proceeds to throw the button away, to which then it mysteriously reappears at the door, confused and agitated Norma finally presses the button thinking nothing of it.
  • After finally pressing the button Norma felt a sense of dread. She then suddenly got a phone call from the hospital. Norma answered the phone hesitantly and a nurse informed her that her husband was the victim of a tragic accident. He was reportedly pushed at a subway station onto the tracks below the platform which resulted in Arthur being fatally struck. Norma realized later that her husband's life insurance policy included double indemnity. This meant that instead pf receiving 25,000$ from his life insurance she would receive 50,000$.