Russian Revolution Timeline
Updated: 1/31/2020
Russian Revolution Timeline
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  • Nicholas II 1894-1917
  • Say cheese!!
  • The Bolsheviks and Mensheviks early 1900s
  • Peace, Land, and Bread!
  • World War I 1914-1918
  • Rasputin is taking over!
  • You're weak!
  • We don't want to be in war!
  • Your wife is cheating!!
  • Away with the Tsar!!
  • Nicholas II ruled over Russia from 1894 to 1917. After key events such as Bloody Sunday, war, and a rumored affair between his wife and Rasputin, he lost power. Fear of an assassination arose and Nicholas II and his family went into hiding at a remote location. On July 16/17 1918 Nicholas II and his family were brutally murdered by Bolsheviks.
  • March Revolution 1917
  • Mensheviks are Martovs supporters while Bolsheviks were Lenins adherants. They both aimed to bring a revolution to Russia by following ideas of Karl marx. The Mensheviks were the minority and the Bolsheviks were the majority. Led by Vladimir Lenin the Bolsheviks over threw the government and took control of Russia.
  • Lenin in Control 1917-1924
  • Soviet!!
  • World war I was the spark that started the revolution in Russia. The war resulted in several casualties while back in Russia there were food shortages and other problems. Due to the difficult times caused by the war Nicholas the II showed his people he was incapable of ruling. He became weaker and weaker until he stepped down from power and was eventually murdered.
  • Stalin 1924
  • Because of the earlier protests in February, the Tsar abdicated on March 2nd. There was a provisional government until a new government was formed. The soviet controlled many things like troops and trades and was far more powerful than the provisional government.
  • Lenin the returned from 16 years in exile. He demanded that power be given to the soviets rather than the provisional government. Lenin promised bread, peace, and land to the people. Lenin overthrew the provisional government. Lenin suffered a stroke and retired.
  • Stalin was first inspired by Karl Marxs Communist Manifesto. Stalin shared the same longing for a Russian Revolution that Lenin did. Stalin took over once Lenin died. Stalin ordered mass collectivization of crops. He turned communism into Stalinism. He was a murderous autocrat.
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