Ancient india and ancient china

Updated: 5/14/2020
Ancient india and ancient china

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  • China's Geography
  • One thing my civilization had that India didn't is that I had several pieces of land that are isolated and helped other civilizations develop independently.
  • We both have an abundance of coal and natural gas. We developed most of our civilizations near rivers and mountains to take advantage of resources and natural barriers.
  • India's Geography
  • One thing our civilization had that China's did not were riches such asdiamonds, mica, mangnese, and bauxite.
  • My main religions are Taoism (the belief in being close to nature) and Confucianism (the belief that you treat people well, with a focus on morals).
  • China's Main Religions
  • We both shared in the religion called Buddhism ( a belief that existence is suffering and suffering has a cause. There is an end to suffering, which is Nirvana)
  • My main religions are Hinduism (the belief in eternal truth and reaching dharma) and Jainism (the belief in focus on self help and that there are no gods that will help the person).
  • India's Main Religions
  • China's Social Structure
  • We invented many things that we use today such as gunpowder, compasses, silk, and paper.
  • China's Art and Architecture
  • We both created many statues and paintings to symbolize religions and more.
  • India's Art and Architecture
  • We built several Hindu Temples with elaborate embellishments with beautiful statues.
  • My civilizations were ruled by dynasties (royal family that's built by generations). The most famous was the Shang Dynasty, they had a huge cultural influence.
  • China's Politics
  • We both had governments that helped trade and culture flourish. We both also had Monarchies.
  • My civilizations had different governments where Priests were the head of those governments.
  • India's Politics
  • We were the first to take taxes and make money. We also used the Silk Road as a way to trade more easily.
  • China's Economics
  • We both traded extensively by using ships and caravans to transport and receive goods. We both traded to each other
  • India's Economics
  • We were focused on trade and farming to supply resources for the people.
  • Merchants were the lowest class. The social classes were based on Confucianism.
  • The highest class were The Royals or Priests, while the lowest were the workers or merchants. They were very disrespected and treated horribly.
  • The lowest class were the workers, and people were prohibited from talking to them.
  • India's Social Structure