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Agriculture Revolution
Updated: 10/3/2019
Agriculture Revolution
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  • Paleolithic Time
  • Help!
  • When will my husband come home?
  • I'm so hungry. When will we get food?
  • Agriculture Revolution
  • wow! who knew we could grow so many plants and get cow's milk?
  • Surplus of Food
  • It will last us quite some time! :)
  • Woah! So much food!
  • Thousands of years ago , people in the paleolithic time were nomads. The men hunted for animals , and the women gathered different plants and berries. Nomads did not have permanent homes, instead, they moved every time their sources were scarce. People lived in misery, and danger, sometimes there would not be enough food , so the babies and children would starve.
  • Different Occupations
  • I love my job!
  • The Neolithic Age around 8000 b.c.e, where nomads discovered agriculture and the domestication of animals ,and began to farm and produce their own food. People did not start agriculture all at once, they slowly learned how to domesticate animals and grow their own crops. They used cows for milk, their skin to make clothes, and their meat to eat. It was a revolution for the nomads since they built permanent houses to live in, now that they rely on their farms.
  • Trading
  • Here's your hematite!
  • After the neolithic revolution , the people started getting more than enough of food. Now that they had surpluses of food , and people no longer starved like they used to, the population grew abundantly , it went from about 2 million people, to more than 90 million. Life was much easier, and now people can trade food for other essentials.
  • Laws
  • Now that they have permanent homes and surpluses of food, they could now begin to do other jobs besides farming. Some continued agriculture so that they could trade the food for other things that people made. Other jobs were being a black smith , to make tools to use, making pots with clay, building permanent homes and possibly hunting for other meat.
  • In paleolithic times, people did not trade very often because they were worried about hunting and gathering for themselves , since it was already difficult to find food. But now that they discovered agriculture and have surpluses of food , trading became common. People traded food for items they wanted, like materials for crafts , or "Beauty products" like hematite, a reddish-black ore, which was used for blush.
  • Small groups united to form large communities, and people worked together to survive, whether it being building houses or growing crops. People now needed laws to keep a stable community, so leaders were appointed to enforce laws. If laws were broken , people had to be punished to replace their crime, for example, if you stole something from another person, you might have to live in the jail cell for some time.
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