Book #2 Storyboard
Updated: 11/24/2020
Book #2 Storyboard

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  • One of Us is NextKaren M. McManusChapter29
  • Knox and Maeve are late to Eli's dinner party, because they are following the guy sending Eli death threats
  • Knox and Maeve are scared because the guy who sent death threats to Eli have shown up at his wedding rehearsal
  • This has to be a coincidence
  • People can find anything online.
  • Maeve and Knox Frantically try to call Eli and his guests, while the guy puts a backpack under the deck of the venue
  • No, Keep recording! I'll call the police
  • Knox Records Jared (the guy sending death threats) placing the backpack, as Maeve calls the police
  • okay!
  • Upon realizing Nate and Bronwyn are walking through the garden near the bomb, Knox and Bronwyn drag the towards the grass opposite from the venue. They alert everyone at the party that there is a bomb
  • There's a bomb!
  • The bomb that was planted detonated, as Knox and Maeve watch from behind a bush, wondering if everyone is okay