Updated: 6/15/2020

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  • Give me some food
  • Get me some food
  • I give you the birthright
  • After Esau had been hunting he really needed some food and smelt stew that Jacob was making from a distance. So Jacob said the only way for him have some is if he would give the Birthright to Jacob.
  • I have to run away
  • Father would be giving the birthright to Esau but mother would be making sure that Jacob gets that right. So she sent Jacob in looking like esau than father gave him the right as he thought it was Esau.
  • STOP
  • Than Esau returned with the food and found out that Jacob had tricked him and now he would be going to kill Jacob.
  • Your name is now Israel
  • After this inncident Jacob decided to run away she was no longer safe in his home town
  • Jacob was sitting all along at night and hears a noise he first thought it was Esau so he started attacking none of them could win. Ut then he realised that he had just attached a messenger of god
  • The messenger than soon changed Jacobs name to Israel and blessed him