willy + willy

Updated: 5/14/2020
willy + willy

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  • I never have to wait in class for a buyer
  • Cause one thing boys, I have friends!
  • Did you knock them dead,?!
  • I was sellin thousands!! Haha.
  • Did you actually sell anthing!?
  • How much did you earn?!
  • They seem to laugh at me. They just pass me by, im not noticed.
  • Roughly two hundred ; I dont know what im gonna do next if business dont pick up
  • Why?!
  • people dont seem to take me; I work 12 hrs a day, others have it easier
  • Dont worry about it youre doing very well!
  • Probably cuz I joke too much :)
  • I'm fat. I'm very foolish to look at
  • I wont make a living for you or the boys :(
  • I get so lonely, especially when business is bad and theres nobody to talk to.