Updated: 2/10/2020

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  • The Natives Were Lining Peacefully
  • Andrew Jackson Planning
  • The Treaty
  • The people in the Cherokee nation were peaceful like other nations but were called savages by Andrew Jackson. Each culture had their own cultures and religions.
  • Convincing
  • Back in the white house, Andrew Jackson was planning how to get rid of the natives. He was thinking of tricking the natives to give up their land for the cotton for the cotton gin
  • The natives were minding their own business when a group a white people could enter their land and ask the natives to sign a treaty, then the natives realized that they were trying to take their land.
  • The white people did many things to convince the natives to sign the treaty. They went from telling them lies to giving them beer to get them drunk.
  • The Natives ended up signing the treaty and giving up all their land. They sold the land for 5 million dollars. Then 16,000 members of the nation were forced to leave the land.
  • The natives did not like this at all. They got 5 million dollars but they had to leave their homes. They will have to get used to Oklahoma and start all over.