Updated: 1/26/2020
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  • France Before the Revolution
  • Haha I can torture you and you can´t do anything about it!
  • I am king! I have so much power!!!
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • This is unfair!
  • We demand a new Constitution!
  • Storming of the Bastille
  • We want justice!We want equality!
  • So many corpses...
  • Before the Revolution, the king had absolute power. Those who were wealthy (nobles, clergy, church, and middle-class people) had many privileges and were high in authority. Peasants were exploited and had no rights. Overall, society was unfair and rights did not exist.
  • The Great Fear
  • Did you hear? The king is trying to over power the people!
  • I am so scared...
  • During 1789, the Third Estate declared themselves as the National Assembly. Due to the fact that the Third Estate was continuosly being outvoted (unfair system), the party took action and swore to ¨never separate and to meet wherever the circumstances might require until we have established a sound and just constitution.¨
  • Women´s March on Versailles
  • We are starving!
  • A chaotic battle took place during 1789 in which a mob stormed violently into the Bastille. The Bastille symbolized tyranny, inequalities, and injustices. Therefore, this battle signaled the end of absolute monarchy and was a spark that began the French Revolution.
  • Reign of Terror
  • *crying*My husband is dead...
  • Rebellions and attacks led by furious peasants arose when rumors began to spread. These tales stated that the king and the nobles wanted to overthrow the Third Estate. Fear and panic spread amongst the peasants and as a result they set fires and stole grain.
  • We must prevent this!
  • Thousands of women marched and demanded to meet the king. The women commanded for the king to return to Paris to bring attention to their poor living conditions.
  • Death to the Austrian!
  • Go back to Paris!
  • We want the king!!!
  • Bread!Bread!
  • During the French Revolution, people were victimized and arrested for not supporting the revolution. Many people were suspected of anti-revolutionary activities and the fear of traitors brought upon many deaths.
  • You must die now!
  • Weeping at your husband´s execution is a crime!
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