Cell Story
Updated: 9/11/2020
Cell Story

Storyboard Text

  • The cells at the bus stop see the bus coming there way. "Come on kids", said the cell membrane.They get on the bus and drive to school.
  • They are at the cell wall now and the cell membrane lets them off the bus. "Have a good day", said the cell membrane. "Bye" Said the little boy and girl.
  • "Good morning class", said the teacher. "Today we will be having a quiz", said the teacher. When everyone finished the quiz, they were so happy because lunch was next, there favorite.
  • When they got to the cafeteria, they went up to the chloroplast. "Hello what can I get for you today", said the chloroplast. "pizza" said the cells. And they gobbled up there lunches like they were being timed.
  • Then the cells were going out to recess. The cells loved swinging on the swings. So they dashed to the swings like cheetah. The cells saw that there was no were to swing, so they just played on slide.The cells had so much fun..
  • "Ding,Ding",Ding". The day was finally over. The cells were rushing to there bus so they could see the cell membrane. "Hey kids", said the cell membrane. "Hello", said the cells back to the cell membrane. And when they got on, they drove away to there house.