Brooklynns festival
Updated: 2/4/2021
Brooklynns festival

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  • Because of the church the people celebrated the two main holidays that were related to Jesus, which were Easter and Christmas. Another way Catholic Church held power was that they chose when the holidays were celebrated and how.
  • Hello everyone, today is Easter so we are going to be having a religious ceremony due to the special occasion.
  • I am exited for the celebration with dancing bears, a bonfire and more!
  • These things were important because this was the resurrection of Jesus, so they do special things like dancing bears. The church had the power to tell people what and what not to celebrate.
  • The other holiday they celebrated was Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. This effected the people because it was their lord and savor´s birthday, for Christmas they celebrated it for 12 days and they used mistletoe and berries to decorate.
  • Thats really cool! I did not know that.
  • This impacted peoples lives because it gave them something to look forward to and it gave them entertainment.
  • This also effected them because most citizens dedicated there lives to these holidays, but everyone dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ.
  • Man! love easter so much
  • Same! It is so fun and we get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus
  • The Church owned lots of land in the medieval times. They got the ties from the Church, they also used the taxes to buy the land. they got the taxes from the people.