Physics Part 2
Updated: 5/18/2020
Physics Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Inside this building, a historic painting sits on display. Violet Volt must remove the item from the museum before Scary String can get her hands on it.
  • In order to retrieve the painting, Violet must use her hand with the opposite charge from the painting. The painting is positively charged, so she will need to use her negatively charged hand. This was the opposite charges will attract. Then she will use the electrostatic force to pull the painting off the wall and get it safely to a secret location.
  • -
  • Violet got there before Scary String and pulled the picture off of the wall. She has saved the day!
  • On her way out of the museum, Violet gets captured by Scary String on the side of a thirteen story building. Scary has begun to tie her hands together, causing her electrostatic force to decrease. She needs to come up with a way to save herself.
  • Violet needs to come up with a way to get her hands to repel from each other. The only way for her to do this is to make each of her hands have the same charge because alike charges repel. Her clothing is positively charged, so as her hands are being pulled together she drags her negatively charged hand across her shirt. The protons from the shirt transfer to her hand and allow her hand to become positive as well.
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  • Noooooooo!
  • Violet has saved herself and saved the historic painting! The town will be thrilled.
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