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Updated: 3/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • What do we do after this chaos.
  • Yalta, Tehran, then Potsdam
  • We have many conferences ahead to figure it out
  • These are the leaders the Soviet Union, the US, and Great Britain (left to right). They held several meetings to plan for a post-war world, three of them particularly important.
  • Hey, I thought we were trying to fix things not have more war. Cut the beef!
  • Meanwhile at the Yalta Conference...
  • Stalin, I want free democratic elections in Eastern Europe
  • No, Roosevelt, I demand influence over Eastern Europe
  • Y'all thought that atomic bomb on Japan was something, wait until y'all get a load of this hydrogen bomb
  • Come on now, we're already in a space race, I don't have time for an arms race too
  • Not so fast there US, the Soviet Union has one too, don't get excited
  • Here in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, we are communist countries. Economic assets are owned by the government. We emphasize equality and fairness.
  • Iron Curtain
  • We are capitalist countries in the US and in Western Europe. We like economic assets to be owned privately. People have freedom to act in their self-interest
  • May also restrict people's rights to speak and worship freely , to elect their own representatives, and to allow businesses to operate efficiently.
  • Equality and Freedom of all people! Communism is good!
  • Pres. Truman
  • The United States is very concerned about rebuiling Europe. This plan is designed to offer $12 billion in aid.
  • The Marshall Plan is enacted...
  • The Soviets want no part of this, we're making our own plan.