Updated: 11/4/2020

Storyboard Text

  • My mom came from china and now we live in california.
  • My mother tries to fix me by forcing me to go to talent shows and constantly going to someones house for lessons
  • She told me to practice for the talent show but instead im going to just press random keys
  • She and her family used to live in China, but now they live in California!
  • We're taking you here to become like Shirely Temple!
  • Her mother wants her to be a prodigy child, so she enrolls her in piano classes and signs her up for talent shows.
  • Her mother wants her to practice but she doesn't want to go. She presses random keys and "practices".
  • Here's the piano.
  • Her mother thinks shirely temple is like a prodigy child, so she wants her to become like her by taking her to a beauty salon.
  • She preforms the song she didn't prepare for, she miserably fails, and her mother is dissapointed.
  • that was awful..
  • When the daughter was in her thirties, the mother gave her back the same piano she used for her lessons. She got it tuned and fixed it up!