spanish american war
Updated: 1/9/2020
spanish american war
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  • Cuban Rebellion
  • Blowing up of the U.S.S. Maine
  • President William McKinley’s role in peace
  • I want peace
  • the cubans rebelled and burned the americans sugar cane. they used yellow journalism wicth is exaggerated news to get the americans attention to fight with them.
  • U.S. Demands to the Spanish
  • We want for reconcentration camps to end
  • the USS maine blows up on the coast of havana. killing 250 sailors
  • treaty of paris
  • PARISpeace treaty
  • president McKinley asks for peace with the cubans. he did not want war
  • Territory Gained by the U.S.
  • X3
  • the US asked for 4 things but got 3 he got cuban indepence.
  • we want for the cubans to be free
  • We Want PEACE
  • we want compensation for the maine
  • presedent McKinley signs papers to end the war december 1898.
  • McKother
  • the US gains guam and puerto rico philippines in excahnge for $20 million
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