Semester One Reading Assessment #2
Updated: 1/13/2020
Semester One Reading Assessment #2
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  • Protagonist: Carrie White
  • Antagonist: Margaret White
  • Theme
  • Symbolism: "She could smell herself and it was the stink of blood, the awful wet, coppery smell... she saw the blood running down her naked thighs and heard the constant beating of the shower on the tiles, felt the soft patter of tampons and napkins against her skin... they had finally given her the shower they wanted." (179)
  • Carrie is very shy and she doesn't really have friends. Carrie can be very aggressive with her actions when using her telekenisis. Her classmates often torment her and she acts out. When she goes to prom, she rages.
  • Allusion: "Scrubbing her bloodied hands against her dress like Lady Macbeth." (197)
  • Margaret White is Carrie's mom in the novel. She is very abusive to Carrie. She is devoted to being Christian and she is mentally ill. Margaret is very strict and believes that most things are sins.
  • Carrie
  • Macbeth
  • Suspense: "Q. What happened next?A. Next? Why, next thing, the Devil came to Chamberlain..."
  • The theme/message of the novel is to realize that bullying is not okay and to treat each other with respect. Carrie is tormented by Chris Hargensen and her mother. All she wants is to be loved by someone and not hurt.
  • Symbolism is shown in this scene because in the beginning of the book, Carrie got her period in the showers at school and peers were making fun of her. At prom they dumped pigs blood on her that symbolizes menstrual blood and the sin it came with.
  • An allusion is shown when Carrie is wipping her bloody hands on her prom dress after pigs blood was dumped on her. The allusion is referencing Macbeth by Shakespere. Lady Macbeth is seen sleepwalking and rubbing her hands together. Stephen King also represents Carrie as Lady Macbeth who was a villainous character.
  • Suspense is shown greatly throughout Carrie, in the book, there are multiple articles and newspapers talking about Carrie's telekenisis and what was happening during prom that would leave the readers wondering what would happen next.
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