Andrew Jackson presidency
Updated: 2/13/2020
Andrew Jackson presidency

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  • Spoils System
  • Alright my friends I have made the cabinet resign so you are my new cabinet people call us the kitchen cabinet.
  • Indian Removal Act
  • This is our home we cant leave. This is not right.
  • You need to leave now!
  • I know and I don't want to leave this is our land, but President Jackson is making us.
  • Common Man
  • A Common man is now President we are going to party with him and bring down the wealthy.
  • Andrew Jackson removed the cabinet and replaced it with his friends and his brother. This later would lead to corruption. Jackson saw himself doing this as making it to where he relied on people who were for him instead of him relying on his political opposites for advice. 
  • The Indian Removal Act of 1830 saw the removal of Native Americans from their sacred lands to preservation and the Cherokee were forced to walk the Trail of Tears. Some Natives tried to fight back for there land and went to the Supreme Court. While this didn't work it showed the importance of their land to them.
  • The Common Man, Andrew Jackson when he was elected as celebration he had a party at the white house where other common men where allowed to come inside and party. This caused massive damages and the upper class saw them as uncivilized and that Jackson would be a tyrant.