Updated: 8/27/2021

Storyboard Text

  • good morning and welcome to gucci. do you have a certain product in mind?
  • good morning and thanks for asking. i actually have come looking for a new purse, preferably of a neutral tone.
  • we have many options that fit your needs. wo have a sling in white and caramel, as well as a wallet in brown and black.
  • actually i would like a larger bag, and i don't feel like a black purse is for me
  • alright! you know what, we just got in stock a bunch of backpack purses, available in every color.
  • thats something ive never had before! i think i will give it a try. in white please.
  • the backpack costs $2000 in itself, but we are having a deal; i can throw in a matching wallet for only $500 more!
  • what a steal! i will take them! through in a gucci belt while you're at it .
  • ok there you are! how would you like to join our rewards program- we will email you any sales or coupons.
  • that sounds great! thank you!