Sherlock Holmes Storyboard
Updated: 7/9/2020
Sherlock Holmes Storyboard
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  • Sherlock Holmes is in the village town returning home from a previous mission when he drops his diary in which he keeps all of his knowledge and secrets in. A new rival named Marcel is close and notices the dropped diary and takes it .
  • Come on Watson we shall return home after a long day of hard work.
  • That is so strange Sherlock Holmes has seemed to have lost his most prized possession and it is in my hands.
  • Marcel is in his apartment reading through Sherlock secret diary and comes across a mystery which led to the downfall of his grandfather who went missing when he was a young boy this made Marcel mad so he did what any villain would do and got revenge by forming a villan group.
  • Good Bye Sherlock Holmes the weak rivals no longer exist.
  • Marcel assigns the villain group different evil things to around England leaving many people traumatized and scared of the unfortunate events. Sherlock finds word about these events and comes up with a plan.
  • Sherlock and Watson find a lead of clues leading up to the location of were the villain group is potting/staying . Sherlock comes up with the plan to gain the trust of Marcel and the group to let them in on the plan and supposedly to over throw them and take them down. Therefore they arrive in disguise to greet with Marcel.
  • How do we Know we can trust you?
  • Okay Fine.
  • I'm Mr Regent and this is my friend Dr Robert and we heard you are forming an evil group and we want in.
  • The group of Villain contaning Sherlock and Watson under disguise plot an attack. When the Villain are least expecting it Sherlock and Watson attack leaving them dead.
  • END
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