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Updated: 2/8/2021
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  • hi im mary
  • im denise
  • im cyntia
  • four girls?! omg
  • my friend was in that class!
  • Here The main character mary gadson will explain how she went to highschool with cynthia wesley and denise mc nair
  • i was in the class and when the bomb went off the head of one of the girls passed straight in front of me.
  • i'm so sorry
  • Mary was home watching the tv, when she heard on the news that their has been some deaths but they didn't know how
  • I'm not hurt physically i am hurt mentally.
  • she thinks back to that one of her friends was in the same Sunday school class where the bombs went off.
  • i can't beleive they bombed a church school, that on a whole other level
  • its crazy
  • it's like no one is scared anymore
  • her friend was telling Mary how it went down.
  • Mary's friend had to go to the psychiatrics for hep.
  • Mary was surprised how they bombed the church Sunday school.