Huck escape
Updated: 3/4/2021
Huck escape

Storyboard Text

  • I could use the canoe once I fake my death to escape.
  • I smeared the pig blood everywhere! they'll think I was slaughtered.
  • Now to toss this pig. then i'll throw em off with the corn meal! they wont even think to look down the river.
  • Huck had already planned on escaping through a hole by the table but he thinks of how when his pap talks about the imaginary man from the night before, and decides to fake his death.
  • Now to rest and wait for the moon to come out to and light my path.
  • After finding the canoe he fills it with anything worth a cent to make it seem like a ransacking from robbers. after killing the pig he fills a sack full of rocks and drags it to the river to dump it.
  • Good thing I was hid enough to be able to slip out.
  • After staging the murder and "dead" body trail he took the big out of the house to dump in the water as well, then getting the idea to use the corn meal as a separate trail for cops to chase the "robbers"
  • Now Im free to do what I want!
  • After finishing the scene he decided to wait until the moon was out and take a rest in his escape raft.
  • After waking up to his father coming home he made a quiet and quick escape to Jackson island to start his new free life.
  • He finally makes it to Jackson island and goes to find a place to set up camp.