Unknown Story

Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time there was an alien on planet earth and they were trying to take over planet earth.
  • Think
  • Maybe it's Tommy's mom
  • Who was calling our name.
  • but my mom is not home.
  • TommyKareem Hakem
  • Says
  • The voice is not here
  • Lets check the house.Ok then lets lets check the backyard
  • The voice is not here
  • Effects on Others
  • OK
  • Kareem Hakem Tommy
  • We have to run we will come back when we have a plan
  • Kareem is telling Hakem and Tommy a scary story. Then they heard a voice calling their names. Kareem thinks maybe it's Tommy's mom.
  • Actions
  • Can I have water and leafs please.
  • now we have to find Tommy
  • Kareem said to Hakem and Tommy lets check the house if the voice that called our name is here then they checked and the voice was not there so Kareem said let's check the backyard and the voice was not there.
  • Looks
  • Ya its good that the potion worked.
  • Your back Its good that the potion worked.
  • Kareem and Hakem just saw Tommy turn into a zombie Kareem said to Hakem lets run back and when we make a plan we will come back for Tommy.
  • Characters traits
  • Kareem help Tommy come back as a human by deciding to make a potion for Tommy and Hakem helped by getting the ingredients to make a potion.
  • Found him Tommy drink this.
  • Kareem looked so happy that the potion worked, and Kareem was so thankful that Tommy came back as a human.
  • Thanks for helping me.
  • Kareem is really smart, thoughtful, he is good at science, and he has 2 main friends Hakem and Tommy.