Updated: 4/9/2021

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  • When Molly was captured and tortured by the shadow she would never be the same again. When the people found her again they put her into a deep sleep so they wouldn't be hurt or hurt her during her health evaluation. She had an extremely special bunny that was her grandma's when she was a kid. Then the shadow came back and crumbled the Earth into a wasteland, killing Molly. Or did it?
  • Kids were kept in Juvie cells so they wouldn't be hurt, though only Ally and Sophie survived. Molly had already been in Juvie with extreme anger issues, but she kept Sophie safe. Molly's parents were killed by a gang in an alleyway and Sophie's were killed by the shadow.
  • The shadow could turn into any form it wanted to. Here it's the three headed dog. Those are some of It's gang members. The little dragon was born there but always wanted to do good. Though his father was killed by his own wife when he tried to be good, they baby was sad when he had to to bad. His mom is always slouching and grumpy.
  • Why do you trust when you're lied to?
  • This is Molly's family. Well the siblings. One of the newborn baby twins had been stabbed in the neck by the shadow with his fangs. They tried to save him but they couldn't the parents not being able to get away from the shadow, died taking the little baby with them. Thomas the oldest boy saw an old car trough the window. Molly's body was in the same hospital, and with Thomas knowing that, he ran to grab it and take it to the car.
  • Molly woke up with tears streaming down her face. "HELP HE'S GOT ME!" Thomas really didn't know what to do . Trying to calm his sister down, he saw an orange glow coming straight towards the car. All of a sudden the car was struck with a glowing ball of fire, killing the children and destroying the hospital the rest of their siblings were in. All of them died except for one. The baby morphed into another creature and strolled through the world he destroyed.
  • And flew away with Molly's bunny, destroying every other child in the world.