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The ghost
Updated: 10/22/2020
The ghost
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  • The Ghost (1)
  • sleep tight! HAHAH!!
  • The Ghost (2)
  • You seem really nervous today. Got a test?
  • No. she has something worse!
  • The Ghost (3)
  • come with me!
  • Mandy was just an ordinary high school girl who did ordinary things on the daily. She never wanted to harm anyone, but someone or someTHING definitely was looking for her.
  • The Ghost (4)
  • The next morning, Mandy felt so skittish. She was normally a free and happy little girl, but she felt different. Even her mom was concerned.
  • The Ghost (5)
  • At school, though, she knew she wasn't crazy because she heard the new kid whisper in her deadly voice...
  • The Ghost (6)
  • They may think we're done, but I will avenge Medusa. Let's move, boys!
  • About five minutes later "Anna" (The new Kid) had her tied in an old warehouse, to be dropped in a pit of boiling lava underneath a trap door in the room. She gave her a minute to say goodbye to her parents and her boyfriend.
  • STOP!
  • IT WAS HER BOYFRIEND, HENRY!He had come to save her. He knew that something was up with the new girl when her laid eyes on her, so he followed her when Mandy went missing, and came prepared to save her, and the ghost was stopped!
  • When Henry and Mandy got out of there, school was over and it was nighttime, so they went to Mandy's house. It was all over. Or was it?
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