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Duffy's Jacket part 2
Updated: 8/21/2020
Duffy's Jacket part 2
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  • We played a game of monolopy and they still hadnt got home. mom did say that they might stop for dinner. But I would have felt better if they were here
  • Marie started hearing someting scratching at the door. after about a minute we all heard it. "what if its the sentinel" I said.'Andrew!" yelled Marie. "Mom told you not to say that."
  • I told you guys I thought something was following us in the woods today. "but how would it find us Bloodhounds need a scent or something to track people down." said Duffy. We went silent for a moment. "Duffy your jacket!' we yelled.
  • Duffy decided he was going to look out the window. when he looked he said,"Theres something out there! something big!"
  • We lurked around the kitchen for a while until we heard the door open. "lets go," I shouted.
  • AHHHH! We could see Duffy's jacket in its hand. It spoke,"you forgot your jacket stupid." it threw the jacket at Duffy and left. from that day Duff seems to rember his things.
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