Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • This cartoon of South Africa shows how europeans took Timbuktu away from Africans although they begged them not to.
  • South Africa
  • You cannot take timbuktu away from us its one of the only things we have left!
  • It has come to the point that Timbuktu is wanted by us so we can and will take it away.
  • It was taken very serious that the trade route from Britain to India was protected because, Suez Canal gave a shortvut to India. This made egypt very important to Britain.
  • French and Belgium began to have intrest in Sudan, and didn't want to lose Franca and Belgium.
  • We've decided reconquer then region due to the French and Belgian
  • Im pretty sure theres diamonds
  • Europenas were attracted to Southern Africa because diamonds were found by the orange river in 1867.
  • Woah theres a lot of valuable minerals here
  • Hey, did you here that the French are gonna dd more area for trade
  • Yeah, Thats's crazy I thought we already had a bunch, espicially with all the goods were selling
  • Make sure that everybody knows to protect the trading route from British to India!
  • ok
  • After mining for a long period of time in 1872 Kimberley became second large because of the minerals found
  • We have to continue to mine and find minerals