Updated: 9/11/2018
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  • Long ago there was a man who lost his wife. His wife's name was ''Lenore''. One day the man was sleeping in his chamber than he heard a knock. Then
  • He went to go check to see if there was a visitor knocking at his chamber door but when he open the door there was no one
  • After he checked that no one was there the Narrator was scared so he started to think about Lenore cause he tough it her that came to visit him but then he started to hear a bigger knock but in the window so he went to go check
  • When he checked into the window and opened it a black bird came in flying and landing on top of a statue 'The Raven' stayed there until the narrator asked him questions
  • When the Narrator asked The Raven questions The Raven woud always reply with nevermore so the narrator strated shouting at him with alot of words
  • looking scary After he shouts at the raven he tells the raven to leave but the raven just stays there on top of the statue and it will never leave.
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