spanish ameriacn war cartton
Updated: 4/3/2021
spanish ameriacn war cartton

Storyboard Text

  • Cause 4: destruction of American property
  • Spanyard: The U.S maine is going down
  • The ship (U.S Maine) is going down. There are 354 of us on board
  • 260 of us are dead
  • 300,000 American TroopsRough Riders,” were a group of soldiers who fought on horseback during the Spanish-American War.
  • Spanish American War(May to august 1898)
  • 5,000 American Deaths, around 400 from battle
  • Our empire of spain has shrunk. We are forced to give the U.S a naval bay (Guantanamo Bay)
  • The U.S can now look at what Cuba is doing
  • Effects of the War
  • "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"
  • We have gained territory from the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam