Science Project
Updated: 4/21/2020
Science Project
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  • The elite scientists were in a meeting one day and one of the members asked a question. One of the members said “Why are heavy metals in the soil considered toxic wastes?” The group discussed this for a moment and after concluding their discussion they discovered that heavy metals exhibit toxic effects in the soil by affecting key microbial processes and decreases the number and activity of soil microorganisms.
  • Another member asked “Why is methane an arctic ice and in the oceans potentially a problem?”Soon, the scientists found out that methane is produced by some types of microbes that live in the digestive tracts of zooplankton that live in the ocean. Global warming is a big deal and is the threat that causes the permafrost to melt and it could release enough methane which is a greenhouse gas to accelerate the warming in the Artic and the oceans and cause catastrophe.
  • Next, the Elite scientists traveled to the creepy Willow Swamp and set out to find the methane eating bacteria known as Methanotrophs, so they could solve environmental problems.
  • Next, the Elite scientists used the Methanotrophs to clean up toxic waste and to reduce air pollution. They did this by first using Bioremediation to clean up toxic waste.
  • Methanotrophs= fuel for cars, electricity, and more
  • Then, they reduce air pollution by oxidizing the harmful chemicals in the air and turning them into methanol, which can be used to fuel cars.
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