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Mirram the wombat and Warren the kangaroo
Updated: 4/17/2020
Mirram the wombat and Warren the kangaroo
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Storyboard Description

An cultural Aboriginal dream time story where two good friends betray each other and became Aboriginal and Australia native land animals how, well Mirram throws a spear at Warrens tail bone and becomes a kangaroo and warren throws a stone at Mirram's forehead and becomes a wombat.

Storyboard Text

  • *BEEP BEEP* the alarm clock rings it's 12:30, realizing that i was going to mirram's house to hang out with him and his mates.
  • I quickly brush my teeth and take a shower.
  • I head downstairs to find Mirram standing there eating a cookie. l said goodbye to my mum and headed out the door.
  • we arrive at mirram's house greet his other friend and go straight to the backyard where the drinks and snacks are he tells me we were going to eat pizza and watch a scary movie.
  • cool
  • we are going to eat pizza and watch a scary movie
  • We decided to play truth of dare i was up first i asked Tyler one of Mirram's friend truth of dare he choose dare then i said " well i dare you to jump into the pool and he said okay he jumped into the pool and he was soaking wet. all of a sudden i felt a drop of water fall on my shoulder, "i knew it was going to rain " Warren said to himself.
  • Here I go
  • Dare
  • I dare you to jump into the pool
  • Mirram then said for us to go to the tree house one by one they went in when my turn came around mirram said the was no and told me to say under to veranda i refused and said annoyed " that's not fair mirram let me in" mirram grabbed a stick and pushed me off l was furious so i punched right on the forehead. it was silent for a bit then we realized our mistakes and apologized to each other.
  • I'm sorry
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