Rama & Sita
Updated: 1/28/2020
Rama & Sita
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  • Rama was a good man who was married to Sita.
  • They had been banished to live in the forest with his brother, Lakshman, because his stepmother wanted her son to be King.
  • Ravana, the Demon king, had heard of Sita's beauty and goodness so he planned to kidnap her.
  • He conjured up a golden fawn to trick Sita.
  • Rama and Lakshman searched many months for Sita.
  • Finally, they asked Hanuman, the king of the monkey army, for help.
  • Hanuman found Sita imprisoned on the island of Lanka.
  • Hanuman, Rama and Lakshman prepared themselves for battle against Ravana.
  • This was one of the greatest battles ever seen. The fight lasted for ten whole days.
  • It looked as if Ravana was going to win until Rama borrowed a special bow and arrow from the Gods. Rama shot Ravana and the battle was won.
  • This is the story of how light wins over darkness andthis is why we celebrate the festival Diwali. We light lamps to signify the story of the Ramayana because when Rama and Sita returned, home it was dark so the people of the kingdom lit little oil lamps to show their way home.
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