Introducing peoples

Updated: 9/15/2021
Introducing peoples

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  • Hello, i´m Karla .What´s your name?
  • Hi, i am Sophia
  • Let´s go to class
  • Welcome!
  • Today we will introduce ourselves to the class
  • Hi teacher, good morning
  • 6) But tell me, what do you like to you? Whe is your birthday?
  • 3) Just as well.Are you from here?
  • 5) Yes, I´m from here
  • 1) Hey, how are you?
  • 7) Well I like to paint, watch videos and listen to music.And I am 30 october
  • 4) Yes, I´m from here in Merida Yucatán, Where are you from?
  • 2) Well I´m fine, and you?
  • 9) And my birthday is in 20 april, Im 16 year old
  • 8) Ahh okey, well i like it play video games, use my cellphone, cook and sleep much haha
  • 11) And whats is your favorite color? Mine is a purple
  • 12) My favorite food ir sushi and pasta, and wihich is yours?
  • 14) I practical aikido and i really like playing with my pets.
  • 10) Or really? But wath good
  • 13) Ohh, my favorite color is pink. I really like green spaghetti
  • 19) I didn´t realize how late it is, I have to go
  • 21) Of cours, see you go well
  • 16) Of course, my number is 9993480047 and my email is
  • 17) Could you pass me your email or a phone number of yours?
  • 18) Of course, my number is 9992559084 and my email is
  • 22) Thank you, anyway
  • 20) Oh sure, can we talk later?
  • 15) And tell me, do you have any phone numbers or mail to reach you?