fairy tail
Updated: 2/7/2021
fairy tail

Storyboard Text

  • This is my other brother
  • Kj like's she is another sister i have.
  • This is another sister
  • This is another sister
  • This is my mom and she like's to play game's and cook
  • This is one of my ant's and they like to play game' also.
  • This is my dad and he like's to play game's
  • This is the other ant and they have to kids
  • This is my other cousin and the like to play with the dog's
  • this moroni's dog.
  • This is one of my cousin
  • This is my older brother and that is moroni girlfrind
  • This is moroni girlfriend
  • Well I donot like to be around people at all. this is bryt.
  • this is one of sister and i like to spend time with bryt