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Western Civ
Updated: 10/9/2020
Western Civ
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  • This box is about Osiris coming to Egypt as king bringing good farming skills and peace to peoples villages
  • Yes!
  • Thank you Osiris I finally feel peace at home.
  • This box is about how Seth Osiris's brother got jealous of Osiris and his success so he measured Osiris in his sleep to a fancy chest built that would fit Osiris's body perfectly to later cause harm to him.
  • Why is my brother so much better then me.
  • Get in the chest Osiris!
  • This box is about how Seth found a way to get Osiris in the chest at a party then lock him up in it and flush him down the Nile river hoping to kill him.
  • Fine.
  • This box is about Isis finding out about Seth's act and going down to the river banks to find him. After searching for days she did then before she could preform the rituals she had to hide him from Seth. When she went back to preform the rituals Osiris had been cut into pieces and spread out by Seth. So Isis turned into a giant bird and used her vision to find the pieces and put Osiris back together.
  • With my vision I will find Osiris
  • This box is about Osiris being brought back to life on the night of a full moon. When he came back he thanked Isis and her friends but told them he could not live on this world and had to explore the afterlife in which he would become the king of.
  • Thank you Iris but I cant live on this earth I need to explore the afterlife in which I will soon become king of.
  • This box is about how Osiris's sun Horus grew old and took battle to Seth ultimately defeating him and becoming the rightful ruler promoting healing.
  • This is for my father!
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