Broken Chain
Updated: 1/5/2021
Broken Chain

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Do you think money grow on the tree?
  • Mum, can i have braces? My teeth look awful!
  • Alfonso did not satisfied with his appearance.
  • Then i'll do it on my own
  • rising action
  • Hey you wanna ride bike with me?
  • Sure for me
  • Nope
  • Alfonso met beautiful Sandra and date her.
  • Do you have a bike?
  • No worries, i'll borrow one from my brother Ernie.
  • rising action
  • Can i borrow your bike Ernie?
  • A nice girl with ponytail.
  • No, you are not using
  • His brother refused to borrow his bike because of jealousy
  • Whose the friend?
  • climax
  • Alfonso has a strong self-esteem.He is nervous to met Sndra with a broken bike.
  • Stupid Ernie! How do i tell Sandra that i only have a bike with broken chain.
  • falling action
  • Hey do you want my bike?i can borrow you now!
  • Ernie change his mind and decided to borrow Alfonso his bike.
  • That cool !Thanks!
  • resolution
  • They fell in love finally...