Comic 2
Updated: 6/5/2020
Comic 2
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  • Eventually they returned, and Tom testified against Injun Joe in court.
  • Yes, Sir. I know the truth. Muff Potter is my friend and I can't stay silent any longer. I talked to Muff's lawyer yesterday and I told him the truth.
  • Tom, have you got anything to tell us?
  • Gold! It's full of gold! This is a real treasure! we're rich!
  • Then Tom and Huck were looking for treasure one night, they discover that Injun Joe, who is disguised as a deaf-mute Spaniard, who had a treasure. Tom and Huck secretly monitor Injun Joe to see where he put the treasure.
  • Tom and his class went for a picnic in Madugal's cave. During the picnic, Tom and Becky get lost.
  • Can you come to my party tonight?
  • Oh,yes!
  • Huck reported Injun Joe crime, and Injun Joe runs away to McDougal's Cave. Meanwhile, Tom and Becky are lost for several days in the cave. They stumble across Injun Joe but hide before he sees them.
  • Becky! I know how to leave the cave!
  • Eventually, Tom found the exit and went out with Becky. He tells Judge Thatcher about Injun Joe being inside.
  • Really!
  • Later, Injun Joe's body was found in the cave. Afterwards, Tom and Huck discovered the treasure that Injun had hidden there.
  • Huck! I know where the treasure is! We can take it because Injun Joe is dead. He can't hurt us now!
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