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Updated: 10/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Yes Simon me hear bout it yuh no affi a tell me nth🙄
  • Hey Samantha did you hear about the group project we got on the international chemist George Washington Carver
  • Yeah he actually died a long time ago. When i grow up i want to attend the same school as him
  • KUYA. him old eeh. me tink say him still alive, and it look like seh him a nerd jus like you.
  • If u go deh a waa dem chubble yuh essi 😒
  • You see how yaa gwan badmine to me even tho me never mean to you before😣
  • BOH. if him get so famous off a peanut maybe i can start my business where i sell the so-so crackers weh mi find inna devonte yaad
  • not to be a downer but i don't think people are gonna want that