The Audacity of Hope

Updated: 5/19/2020
The Audacity of Hope

Storyboard Text

  • seeing a man who was the former leader of the free world acknowledge the debt he owed to a black seamstress was a fitting to the legacy of Rosa Parks.
  • we will all remember Rosa Parks as a fighter...
  • Well I can tell you, There is not a Black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America- theres the United States of America.
  • HI, Obama we support your work! Can you give us a quote?
  • I have never had the option of restricting my loyalties on the bias of race, or measuring my worth on the bias of tribe
  • To think clearly about race, then, requires us to see the world on a split screen- to maintain our sights the kind of America that we want while looking at America as it is, to acknowledge the sins of our past and the challenges of the present without becoming trapped in cynicism or despair.
  • Its a private club. Its always been that way. No blacks allowed.
  • Its 2006 for Gods sake. Good night.
  • I am introducing to you the reality of racial conditions in the US