Updated: 11/23/2020

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  • Well I don´t love you...
  • I love yah Janie
  • It sure is nice.
  • You better like this place for how expensive it was.
  • You always held me back, I never got to be me.
  • Leave meh alone!!
  • Janies grandma marries janie off to logan killicks, a middle aged white man before she dies. Jannie believes this will make her happy but really only does it to please her nanny before she died.
  • Yes!! I finally get to be a person.
  • Would you care to play a game of checkers?
  • Janie was tired of logan killicks so she left him when she met jody and moved to eatonville with him to become mrs. mayer of the town.
  • I love you too.
  • We´re gonna get through this, I love you.
  • During jody and janies marriage, Janie became jody´s pet and did everything she was told to do. She only showed her true feelings when joe was dying.
  • Meh Hoosband done diddily died.
  • Janie, I cannot believe what you´ve been through.
  • When joe died, janie met tea cake after working at the store where he taught her to play checkers. They eventually got married and moved far away.
  • Tea cake and janie move to the everglades and endure the events of a hurricane. tea cake gets rabbies and janie has to shoot him, sadly.
  • Janie is proven un-guilty in the court over tea cakes death. She then moves back to eatonville. There the only one who talks to her is Pheoby and she does her best to understand the story.