Layers Of The Sun Storyboard

Updated: 3/26/2021
Layers Of The Sun Storyboard

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yes. mmhm. ok. cool. awesome.

Storyboard Text

  • It is the year 2198. Space scientists from Earth are aboard the alien space-craft Star Hike (definitely just a big rip-off of Star Trek). They volunteered to explore the universe with the aliens and their current mission is to retrieve the information about the Sun's layers.
  • Stop eating zat thing you call popped corn. You know that zat stuff makes my nose tingle!
  • ugh im so tired of eating mini pompom trees for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Stop eating popcorn Mike. We are going to launch the probe. I don't want you to have a stomach-ache in your space-suit. Here, eat this instead.
  • Ok. Launching the probe in 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. There it goes
  • He he he ha ha ha
  • Woah woah chill. Don't send a probe that litterally looks like a plate and bowl into my core! I will just tell you about my layers. You know, I have many layers. sort of like onions. (totally didn't steal that from shrek)
  • umm... ok?
  • Yes, ze Sun did do what you earthlings know as ze talking.
  • Wait did the Sun just talk?
  • Ok. The first layer is called the Photosphere. Don't ask why it's called that, but I think its because you can take a photo of, 'cuz it is visible from earth. It is the deepest layer that's visible, and another name for it is the Solar Surface.
  • Yes. Zat was very funny. Can you ze please tell us more about ze layers?
  • Actually, it isn't cool. I am the opposite of cool. I am the hottest thing in the solar system! Haha get it. I am so funny.
  • So cool
  • Next is the Chromosphere. It is one of the layers where the temperature gets bigger the farther you get away from it. It's role is to conduct heat from the inside of me to the Corona.
  • Wow this is very interesting. Can you tell us a bit about this "Corona"?
  • Ya, sure. The Corona is my outermost layer. It's temerature can be from 500,000 degrees Kelvin to 1 million degrees Kelvin! It can't be seen with bare eyes, but can be seen during a total solar eclipse with a special type of telescope. it releases solarwinds.
  • This is the wierdest conversation I've ever had. Talking with the Sun. My parent's won't believe it.