A Separate Peace
Updated: 3/11/2020
A Separate Peace

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  • Finny
  • Gene
  • I'd like to expand my knowledge
  • What were you doing in this classroom all alone?
  • A+
  • C'mon it'll be fun
  • There are two best friends, Finny and Gene, who attend a boarding school called Devon
  • Finny was an amazing athlete and was able to talk himself out of anything
  • Did I do this?
  • Playing sports is no longer an option
  • Gene was a smart student who tried to play by the rules the best he could but sometimes Finny would push him to break the rules
  • For Finny... <3
  • one day Finny and Gene were climbing a tree together when the tree limb jounced Finny off
  • Finny broke his leg and was no longer able to play sports. Gene thought it was his fault that Finny had fallen
  • Gene joins the draft for WW2 because FInny no longer can and he feels like it's his job to do this for Finny