Updated: 3/11/2020

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  • Odysseus
  • I wonder what all that racket is?
  • !!
  • Nausikaa & Maids
  • Did you hear about who was coming to town??
  • No who?!
  • Tele, Penelope, and the Suitors
  • Odysseus most recognized traits are: strength, courage, nobility, thrust to be the best, confidence, and most importantly his intelligence. "Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns. Much have I suffered, labored long and hard by now." Odysseus has learned you half to be careful who you trust.
  • Phaiakians
  • Nausikaa's most recognized traits are: her beauty, her intelligence, kindness, and she resembles the goddess Artemis. "Up with you now, friend; back to town we go; and I shall send you in before my father who is wondrous wise; there in our house with him you'll meet the noblest of the Phaiakians." This quote represents Nausikaas generosity.
  • Nausikaa & Athena
  • It is time to think about marriage princess time to wash your liens.
  • Penelope's most important traits would be: her faithfulness, patience, cunning. "You look how well I know the way he looked, setting sail from Ithaca years ago aboard the long-oared ship. com, Euycleia, move the study bedstead out of our bridal chamber." Penelope learned that sometimes the best things are worth waiting for.
  • Poseidon
  • I can't believe he had the audacity to get back on MY WATERS!!
  • Best known for their ship building. "They welcomed Odysseus into the their palace and showered him in food and gifts." They learned that everything isn't how it seems.
  • Athena's most important traits would have to be: confident, practical, clever, a master of disguises, and a great warrior, and her being able to see things in Tele. "among mortal men you're far the best at tactic, spinning yarns, and I am famous among the gods for wisdom, cunning wiles, too". Athena learns not everything is giving to you easily no matter who you are.
  • Poseidon was a very tricky god. He was very difficult, quarrelsome, and even greedy if he was in a bad mood. Poseidon was always greedy for more land to rule. He was always wanting to rule more cities. Poseidon could use his anger and temper in a good way for himself, but in a bad way for others. "Oh no he didn't I will send the worst storms he will surely drowned i