Updated: 10/5/2018
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  • Hello, my name is Athena Antonopoulos. I will be your news anchor and we will be talking about the direct and representative democracy here in ancient greece by answering some people's questions.
  • Who is involved in direct and representative democracies?
  • Well, everyone is involved in direct democracy. And in representative the representatives are the ones who decide.
  • What is the difference between direct and representative democracy?
  • In direct, everyone gets to vote and choose. In representative, the representatives choose based on what the citizens are saying.
  • When did direct democracy begin? When did Representative begin?
  • Direct democracy started in 508 BCE. Representative started in 1776 when the USA began.
  • Where dd direct democracy begin? Where is representative used today?
  • Good question. Both direct democracy started in Athens. Representative is used in the USA today
  • Why did direct democracy happen? Why is representative best for us today?
  • Direct started because the Athenians wanted to able to vote individually. Although, representative is better for us today because it makes it more organized.
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